10 lucky Littles go to the 49ers Playoff Game!

Littles and Bigs were so excited to learn they got San Francisco 49ers playoff tickets!

All donated by the San Francisco 49ers.


Littles showed off their big smiles when they learned they got lower box seats!



Bigs and Littles said the the game was an unforgettable experience.

Areli williams

“Thanks again for making this possible. Not only was the game great but we totally enjoyed ourselves! On the way home we listened to KNBR 680 to hear the interviews and talked about the sport in general. She is a cheerleader for her brother’s football team and really enjoyed getting to see the girls up close although she said “I know they must be cold” haha fun! Also, right as we exited the stick she said thank you Areli, I had such a great time,” said Big Sister Areli.


“First I want to thank you agian for your support, Santos and I were lucky to be picked to receive tickets and by chance my wife (Mitoshi) and her little Khaliah were picked, not to mention Santos’s sister and her big. My wife shared all of our experiences, but I wanted to say Santos was very excited to attend the game and especially a playoff game which I mentioned to him the atomosphere would be completely different than a regular season game. Despite the little chill, we only sat down during time outs as standing with the rest of fans made for a great time,”said Big Brother Hakeem.

mitoshi 6

“Kaliyah and I had a great time both before, during, and after the game.  We arrived early with my husband, Hakeem, and his little, Santos, and did a little tailgating in the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area before the game. The kids got in some exercise  throwing around a nerf football and put to work their creative skills by decorating some posters for the game.  We kept it healthy by eating carrot and cucumber sticks with guacamole and spinach dip before indulging in hot dogs and veggie pizza.  Although the temperature continued to drop through the evening, the game was full of excitement and we were surrounded by enthusiastic fans, which made us forget all about the chill in the air. On a high from the 49ers’ win, we joked and laughed on the slow ride leaving the stadium and all the way home,” said Big Sister Mitoshi.

iPhone Pics 017iPhone Pics 012

Big Sister Vanessa said: “The 49er playoff game was our favorite BBBS outing thus far! My little Scarlett was standing on her seat the entire game cheering & hollering Aaah Oooh’s  🙂 It warmed my heart to see her having so much fun dancing and waving her rally towel. Her mom was so grateful and excited that she had the opportunity to go. Thank you to the Niner organization for supporting our program and giving us a memorable experience that we’ll never forget! We hope to see you in the Superbowl!!!!!”


“Me & my Little, Justin, would like to sincerely thank the program & the 49ers, again, for allowing us to go to our second game this season (first game was against the Chargers, his favorite team)!  We were pleasantly surprised we got the opportunity to experience that exhilarating game in which we were so close to the action.  The game was crazy, the fans were crazy and the entire experience from the 10th row was crazy!  It was a very nice way to send Justin off because he just finished his last year of eligibility to play PAL League football (he’s been playing for several years), so he really appreciated it,” said Big Brother Mel.


“Darrius, my little, and I had an amazing time at the 49ers game, it was both of our first time at a 49ers game and it was a wonderful experience! It was particularly special for Darrius who had his appendices taken out just a week and a half earlier and had been unable to go outside and play sports, which is his favorite thing to do – so we did the next best thing (watch the 49ers WIN!). Thank you so much for the opportunity and know that it definitely help brighten the day of a very special young person,” said Big Brother Daniel.

IMG_1140“The game was a first for both me and my little. We had never been to a 49ers game let alone a playoff game. It was a great experience for the both of us and also allowed us to further get to know one another on a deeper level. Obviously it was a great game so that helped as well, but being able to share this experience with my little was really great and I know both of us will never forget it,” said Big Brother Eric.


“We had a great time, Adrian got into the game the more it went on he really enjoyed it. We had great seats so we got a super view of the action and enjoyed seeing the Packers come out as we were near their entrance to the field. We also enjoyed meeting other bigs and littles,” said Big Brother Mike.

IMG_1146“I had a really good time at the 49er game. My favorite part was when the 49ers scored and when the fireworks went off all around us. I also really liked getting to wave my towel around when something good happened. I liked getting to see all the other Big Brothers and Sisters and meeting all the other Littles. It was my first NFL game and it was the first game for a lot of the other Little’s too. I was really happy to get to go to the big game with Tyler and I had told all of my teachers and friends about it all week,” said Little Brother Scott.

“As for me, I had an amazing time. It was fun seeing Scott and all the other Little’s faces light up as the game started and went on. I loved answering any questions that Scott had and experiencing all of the ups and downs (mostly ups) of the game on the field. It really was an experience that I will never forget, and I am very happy that Scott and I got to share it together. I had a great time meeting the other Bigs and Littles from all over the Bay Area and really feel part of something bigger than myself. It was a great shared experience for all of us, and one that I feel very lucky to have been able to share with such an amazing person like Scott,” said Big Brother Tyler.


“I’ll never forget the first time I went to a football game. The players bigger than life, the camaraderie with strangers, the roar of the crowd. And it was an unremarkable regular season CFL game. So imagine the emotions Joel felt when he attended his first game last week. The buzz. The playoffs. The cheeseheads. The shaking of the stadium. Kaepernick’s record runs. Pilling up the points. A big win. I know Joel will never forget his first game either. Thank you, thank you for making it possible,” said Big Brother Andrew.


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