Curiosity leads Erick and David down new paths

Match Support Specialist Nikki is our newest staff member. During the week she works closely with families, children, and mentors. But she wants to meet Littles and Mentors in person to get a deeper connection with them, so she planned a positive outing. She shares her experience:

It was a bone-chilling Saturday, but was even more so for one match who braved the cold to come out to join in on the activities put on by San Francisco’s Mobile Park Day. Little Brother Erick (15) and Big Brother David came from the South Bay to India Basin in San Francisco earlier this month for a day of rock climbing and kayaking. Having heard about it from their Match Support Specialist, Melissa, they made the drive out to San Francisco.

Erick was briefed on the basics of kayaking, geared up with a life jacket, and was off paddling out in the water with a group and an instructor. Erick looked confident out in the water. While he was out there, Big Brother David recognized my BBBSBA sign and struck up a pleasant conversation. David mentioned that he previously wanted to take Erick to his rock climbing gym a year ago, but Erick had not yet met the age requirement. After coming out from the water, Erick was scaling the rock climbing wall in no time. When he made it to the top, he rang the siren to signal his victory.

Commenting about his experience, David said, “We enjoyed the Rec Day in San Francisco. First, we thought it was fun to go to a part of San Francisco to which neither of us had been before. Then it was fun to kayak, and it reminded us that we had talked about doing a kayak trip in Half Moon Bay, which we now plan to do. Finally, the rock climbing was very cool, and we now plan to visit their local Planet Granite!”

It’s always good to be able to meet our matches out in the community. Although Erick and David isn’t my match, it was great to get to meet them. It’s always good to be able to put a face to a name and to interact with people in-person. It was then, that I could see the excitement on Erick and David’s faces when they spoke of their past outings and future plans.

If you’d like to participate in outings with other matches and Match Support Specialists, keep an eye out for our emails!

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