One Million Bones Project

Matches were invited to come together for a match event at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco in late February. The museum hosted a free day filled with fun activities for the community to participate in. The day began with a talk facilitated by Dr. George Barganier, a Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Department of Ethnic Studies. Dr. Bargainer engaged the audience in a discussion on identity, race, and culture within the Black community. As a result of the discussion, the importance of having positive mentors and educators in the community was emphasized.

In addition to the speaker, visitors could join in on a tour of the museum, a special exhibit of one couple’s extensive collection of African American art and historical artifacts, storytelling, and the One Million Bones Project. One match, Aushanae (13) and her Big Sister, Lisa, made a whole day out of the event. They started by grabbing a bite to eat at a café across the street and making their way over to the museum. Recounting on her experience that day, Aushanae said, “It was really fun. I did a scavenger hunt. It was challenging because the pictures were really small and there were a lot of items in the room to identify.”

Aushanae and Lisa were on their second outing. After making their way through the scavenger hunt, they worked on making a clay bone for the One Million Bones Project. While working on their bone, they got to meet their new Match Support Specialist, Lilian, and learn about the millions of victims and survivors who have been killed in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, and Burma as a result of the ongoing genocides and humanitarian crises. Their art will be placed on display in an art installation in Washington D.C. as a way to bring awareness to the injustice in Africa.

After leaving the museum, the match took a trip over to Twin Peaks. Aushanae said, “It was fun! Twin Peaks was my favorite part because it’s a really big hill and I’ve never been.” Although Lisa was on crutches from a recent skiing injury, she was able to brighten Aushanae’s weekend by taking her on a special, jam-packed outing. Referring to her Big Sister, Aushanae said, “I like her. We have a good bond.”

Aushanae and Lisa are just one of the many amazing friendships that are developed through the program. Match Support Specialists hear reports from matches, but it’s always a treat when we can see the magic actually taking place. Match events are welcome to all matches within Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. By keeping in contact with your Match Support Specialist, checking the blog, and liking us on Facebook you can stay up to date on upcoming activities. Next up, matches will be volunteering at the Oakland Zoo on a conservation and educational activity on March, 23rd. If you and your Little would like to participate, please email Nikki ( to register!

 Aushanae and Lisa’s contribution to the One Million Bones Project

Bones! (1)

Lisa and Aushanae at the top of Twin Peaks

Lisa & Aushanae


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