15 Tips to help your Little become a better reader

Have you noticed that your Little has a bit of trouble reading? Although you’re their Big and not their tutor, it is okay to help your Little with literacy. There are creative ways to include reading into your outings. Here’s a list of ideas to help your Little become a better reader.

  • Take your Little to their local library to sign up for a library card.
  • Visit story time at a local café or bookstore.
  • Take turns reading stories or plays. Use funny voices to help bring the story to life.
  • Work on or create crossword puzzles (go to puzzle-maker.com or google “crossword puzzle maker)
  • Read the comic strips in the newspaper
  • Work on word searches
  • Come up with a scavenger hunt on your outings –create a list of things for your Little to find during your outing. Use everyday words like duck, lake, warehouse, skyscraper, bike lane, pedestrian crossing, etc. Try to stay away from names of stores. A kid may know how to locate McDonald’s by the golden arches, but they don’t always pay attention to the spelling.
  • Big Sister Sheila started a book club with her Little Sister, Alexia; they’re starting with Harry Potter. Set realistic reading goals with your Little and discuss your favorite parts on each outing.
  • Have your Little read the menu when you go out to eat
  • Play scrabble or words with friends
  • Use children’s cookbooks or recipes found online
  • Do karaoke with your Little on Wii
  • Watch movies with subtitles
  • Play “I Spy” on the street –Big: I spy ‘road work ahead.’ Little: Recognizes the sign and points it out

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