Littles and Bigs attend the first 49ers pre season game!

From Big Cesar & Little Elijah:

Thank you Donte for the wonderful seats and the opportunity to attend a 49er game.  My little brother and I had great time! Good luck the rest of the season and get that Superbowl ring!


Cesar & Elijah 2

From Big Danielle & Little Eli:

Donte, I can’t thank you enough for giving my little, Eli, and I this amazing opportunity to see a live NFL game. It meant a lot to share in a great experience and know a professional athlete, such as yourself, cares about the kids and the BBBSBA. In Eli’s words “these seats are REALLY good!” Best of luck in the upcoming season and beyond.


From Big Becka & Little DeAnna:

Dear Donte, thank you so much for the Niner tickets. My little sister DeAnna and I are both native San Franciscans and are huge Niner fans! We love to go to games together. Ticket donations such as yours enables us to share great experiences together. I was so happy to hear about your interest in helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area. It is an organization that I am proud to be involved with. I have been matched with my little sister for almost 8 years (half her life)! She is such a great kid and I really enjoy having her in my life. I do believe we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

Thanks and GO NINERS!!!

Becka & DeAnna

From Big Lynne & Little Brisa:

Donte, when Brisa and I heard we were going to the 49er game we were so excited.  The seats were perfect and we both screamed to see how close our seats were..  They were perfect.  We watched the cheerleaders and the attack of the Niners to Denver.  All in all it was a wonderful day and your generous gift to a child was great.  Again thanks for a new adventure.

Lynne & Brisa

From Big Melvin & Little Jay:

Thanks a bunch, Donte!  It was a good game & we had a blast catching the action from the front row!!  Good luck on bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to the Bay this year…who’s got it better than us?  N O B O D Y!!!




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